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Highlights of our Privacy Practices Related to this Website

The following information provides highlights of our privacy practices and information we collect in connection with this website. Harte Hanks helps other businesses connect people to their brands in powerful ways. In pursuit of the products and services we offer to these businesses, you should know we are prohibited from using their information for our own, or anyone else’s, purposes. This is an important note as this Privacy Statement only applies to the information we collect via this Harte Hanks website; which is collected for our own legitimate business purposes, including but not limited to the delivery of our products and services, our marketing and advertising initiatives in pursuit of the purposes and responding to any inquiries or requests that you initiate. Our use of information collected in connection with this website is subject to this privacy statement. Harte Hanks websites are not intended for children. 

Website visitors located outside of the United States should also know that this website is supported by technologies located in the United States and any personal data provided to us via this website will be processed and stored in the United States. By providing us with your Personal Data, you consent to Harte Hanks processing your Personal Data for the purposes limited to your inquiry or request; which can be subsequently withdrawn by you at any time as described below.

You can learn more about the following privacy practices in our Privacy Statement.

Your use of this website is also subject to the Term of Use.

We will collect information concerning you, including:

  • Information about how you use our website, such as the pages you visit, the content you view and the website features you interact with;

  • Information about how you connect to our website, such as the devices you use, unique identifiers assigned by your internet provider, your internet browser and your operating system;

  • Advertisements about Harte Hanks you may have received from, or about us or otherwise interact with (see note below regarding cookies and advertising);

  • Personal information such as your name, job title, role in a company, telephone number, e-mail address or postal address;

  • Financial payment information if or when needed;

  • Content you contribute to our websites through blogs and similar features and

  • Information we obtain from third parties or other Harte Hanks organizations.

We will use and share information concerning you with other Harte Hanks organizations and third parties in pursuit of our business, marketing, advertising and sales objectives and initiatives. We retain third parties under contract, require they protect information we share and prohibit their use of such information for their purposes. We use and share information to: 

  • Identify and communicate with you regarding the products and services we offer;

  • Operate, administer and optimize our website;

  • Respond to requests or inquiries you initiate;

  • Facilitate financial transactions you initiate;

  • Facilitate your content contributions to our website;

  • Acquire additional information concerning you or your company; 

  • Provide you with our products or services;

  • Establish and maintain our business records;

  • Protect information and systems;

  • Comply with the law or

  • Protect or enforce the rights and safety of Harte Hanks, or anyone else.

We use cookies and similar technologies to support our website and advertising initiatives; which generally align with the interest-based advertising standards of the Digital Advertising Alliance. These technologies help us:

  • Understand how you came to our website, 

  • Make inferences about your interests, 

  • Identify advertisements about us you may seen or have interacted with,

  • Identify other devices you may have used to visit our website and 

  • Define the internet search terms you may have used related to us or our products and services.

  • Visit the NIA or the DAA to learn more about these technologies and advertising techniques.

  • Visit our Cookies and Advertising page to exercise your choices regarding our use of cookies and similar internet technologies for advertising initiatives.

  • We do not recognize “Do Not Track” signals transmitted by internet browsers.

Your choices regarding information we have on file concerning you, our use of such information for marketing and advertising purposes. 

Visit our Privacy Statement to learn more about the choices we make available to you in relation to information concerning you we have on file. To submit an inquiry or to exercise your choices, please: 

Please contact our Privacy department with any questions regarding our privacy practices, issue a complaint about our privacy practices, do not receive a prompt acknowledgment of your inquiry or request, or are unsatisfied about the resolution of the inquiry or request.

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